Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ice Boats

I have been waiting all summer to sail boats!
Today we made ice boats
and took them down to the stream.

I did some prep last night, so the ice would be ready.
I put water into my muffin tins,
covered it with foil,
and poked tooth picks in the foil.

Then I put them in a big cooler full of ice,
and took it to the stream.
This was a great extension for states of matter.
They loved watching the ice melt in the stream.

They loved watching their own special boats float down the river.
I had them decorate the flags, so they were personalized.
This could also be great when learning about other countries,
You could do Olympic Boats and make real country's flags.

After we went through all 36 boats,
I pulled out the plastic boats.
They had races down the stream.

When they finished with that
they had fun with the ice cubes and muffin tins.
It turned into a one to one correspondence activity.

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