Saturday, March 26, 2011

Colors All Week

All week we have been focusing on COLOR!

(We are getting ready for RAINBOW week!)
We went outside and colored our hearts out.
Her favorite part-
Watching ME color!?
We also stayed in and had playdough fun.
It was so good for her to see the colors, sort them and name them, and put them away.

She clumped them up and said what each color was.
This was a very relaxed learning time, because she was so engaged on her own.
I was planning on making the letters of her name with playdough,
But she was loving all of her sorting.

Next week's Theme: WIND!
(AKA: Kites, Windsocks, and Ribbons.)

If you have done any fun activities
with your kids about wind share!


  1. Your little girl is too cute! I followed you over here from craftiness is not optional because I love the name of your blog! I get yogurt kisses every morning!

    But with the wind thing...I worked as a para for a sp-ed preschool for a while and my favorite wind activities was making wind socks! Color, or dob, or decorate with stickers (my toddler's favorite) a piece of paper and you staple crepe paper to the bottom to catch in the wind. If it weren't snowing here I would have her make one and stick it out in our tree now!

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the idea! I would love to see a wind sock on your blog, so we could compare notes!


Thanks for your great comments!