Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Day Challenge!

Read the Same 5 Books for a Week.
Can You Do It?
This challenge was created by Anna, over at the Imagination Tree.
(Another Former Teacher! Yeah!)
I was so excited to start this challenge.
We already read lots of books,
but I like the idea of concentrating on 5 books.
I chose books that have great rhyme and repetition.
This will help Miss Sassy become even more excited about books.

To start your challenge go here to get the complete details.
Then go through your own books.
Find 5 of them that are fun and rhyme a lot.
Then start reading!

My books for this week:

Even after 2 days of reading this to Miss Sassy,
She can read it along with me!
It's fun to see how smart this makes her feel!

This book is silly and fun for young children.
It really kept Miss Sassy's attention.

This is a fun classic!
Margret Wise Brown writes the way children think.
It is perfect for bedtime.
Make sure to notice how the lights get dimmer and dimmer.

This book is so fun!

This is the MOST fun Dr. Seuss book.
It is so fun to read and kids really pick up on the repetitiveness.

What books will you choose?


  1. Those are all really great books! I remember when my boys were little one of their favorite books was, "Old hat, New hat" We read it over and over that my oldest, who at the time was only five, had it memorized!

    I think he enjoyed reading it to his younger brothers.

    I'm now collecting children books for my hope to be grandchildren someday!! :)

  2. Saimi,
    I've never heard of that book! I'll have to check it out. I love collecting books!

  3. Oh I love Miss Nelson is missing! Great choices. And yes it really does help them learn books if they hear the same ones over and over-as much as it might drive us crazy :)

    Great blog

  4. I think this is a great idea. I have kind of been doing this without realizing it, but maybe I will formally do the challenge! One of my son's favorites is Sheep in a Jeep. He memorized it within the first week.

  5. I'm doing this challenge too! Over at
    I saw your rainbow on nuturestore's facebook page and shared it on my art group page
    I love that little rainbow! :)

  6. YAY! You have joined the challenge! Have you seen I have a linky for you to ad it too and a button now too (I'm slowly catching up on myself, ha!) Please link this lovely post up. And I LOVE your choices of books, I am your newest blog follower :-)

  7. Great choices of books! We did Hop on Pop this week too. And to Saimi, 'old Hat, New Hat' was a favourite in our house when I was a kid. I use it with my young beginner EAL students now (as well as my own children), and they always love it - great for vocabulary development, but simple and repetitive enough that they can quickly learn to read it - very empowering for them!


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