Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making Colors

Today we created a Rainbow,
Modern Art Style
Isn't it beautiful?
Maybe it's only beautiful to me... :)

On Monday, I picked up these finger paints at the store.
Today, I got paper, paints, and wet wipes ready.

First, I put two dots of color on her paper,
and she mixed the two colors together.
I had to move her hand a little to really get her to stir the colors together.
She could really see how to make colors.

Now, for the fun part...
I took her hands and squirted red on one hand,
and yellow on the other.
I had her rub her hands together...

Presto!  Orange!
She thought it was amazing!
Then I had her rub her hands all over the paper.

We had her do the same with making green and purple.
I'm glad I had lots of paper nearby.
It made it less messy.

Then we let her paint with the colors she had made.
I initially had wanted to have her make a Rainbow.
But it was better to just let her have fun and discover.

Yes that is a 3 year old sitting in a high chair!
She climbed in after lunch, and I thought, "Perfect! Less Messy!"


  1. Hi Kate, Your children are the same ages as my grandchildren. I look forward to getting ideas how to entertain and educate. At times it feels like my little ones were toddlers just yesterday HOWEVER other times (sadly) it is hard to remember my own being those ages.
    So I look forward to following you and good luck with the new blog.

  2. Good evening Kate. Just came over from your BIL's blog and so glad I did. I have a small in home daycare with kids about your kids ages and will love "borrowing" some of your ideas for my wee ones.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  3. Thanks Cheryl and Julie! I hope you borrow as many ideas as you need from my blog. It makes me happy to help other people, and in the process help my own little ones!

  4. Hi Kate,
    I'm here thanks to Abe. I like your colorful, playful blog. Your kids are adorable.

  5. Coming over via the Cheeseboy and glad I did!! I love that you let your daughter 'get her hands messy' and experiment with paint!!

    I work in a special ed preschool and some of the parents get a little nervous when it comes to finger painting. We always tell the parents to dress their kids in cloths they don't mind getting dirty because we love to have fun!

    I can tell you are a fun mom!! Way too go!!

  6. Aaah so colorful, love those color mixing ideas.. I have never tried finger paints on paper, its always on cookie tray/ plate and then we do a mono print!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog


  7. Ahhh she is sooo cute. My kids would never do stuff with their hands. My eldest is 13 now and still is very fussy about that. I saw the macaroni rainbow too...that is a cool idea!

  8. Hello! Nice to meet you. I stopped over from Abe's blog. You certainly have a alot of wonderful learning ideas for kids. My kids are now 12 and 14. They are out of the cuteness stage!


Thanks for your great comments!