Friday, July 1, 2011

Squishy American Flag

Sometimes I think the best way to
 Learn about something is to construct it.
So I bought one of those squishy window stickers,
In the shape of a flag.
Fun! Fun! Fun!

She loved touching it, and making her own flag.
We talked about what the stars and stripes represent.
(Very briefly.)
Then, she "dot painted" her own flag.
Aka. she used a Q-Tip instead of a paint brush.

While she was painting, Baby H had sensory play with the flag.

Be careful! It will break!

Afterwards, Miss Sassy had to mix blue and red.
Don't you love when they come up with their own ideas?
Happy Independence Day!


  1. I do love when they come up with their own ideas! Looks like gorgeous weather where you are! Happy Independence Day to you and yours! (I'm visiting from the Read.Explore.Learn Summer Reading Challenge.)

  2. Very fun. I bet it was fun for him to play with the gooey sticker. Thanks for sharing at


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