Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're Going on a Bug Hunt!

I bought Miss S. this Bug Kit at the dollar store.
She is scared of bugs...

But she was excited to look for them.
It comes with tweezers, a net, and
a magnifying glass built into the case.

First we read Bug Safari by Bob Barner
It is written in a great story form,
but it has a ton of facts worked in!

So then we went outside, and had a ball!
I think she accidentally squished most of the bugs,
But it really helped her get over her fear of bugs.
(Not the squishing, just the collecting.)

She was so into it,
all of the pictures that I have are of the top of her head.
We moved all of our potted plants,
And found tons of bugs!

She also created a bug habitat.
She was still looking for bugs,
Even after an hour of a bug hunt!

She then drew pictures of the bugs she found.
They all looked the same to me,
But she knew what she meant.
Sorry, another head shot...
I kinda wish I would have done her hair today.

For our bug unit we made spiders, and a spider's web, and we went to the zoo to look at their bug selection.  Here is a list of additional buggy ideas!


  1. My boys are bug lovers so I will definitely have to take a trip to the Dollar Store so we can try this. We did a Firefly craft today and I'm loving this bug theme.

  2. She definitely seems to have got over her bug fear but I suspect your local bugs now have a Miss S. fear!

  3. What a fun bug hunt! I think it's hilarious that she killed most of the bugs- you don't have to be afraid of dead bugs :). p.s. I think her hair looks darling!

  4. my kids have the bug safari book too :)

  5. Great fun - and a clever idea to help with her fear. Mine love bugs! We have a post about mini beast bingo you might like.

  6. Awwww....awwwww...what a totally sweet post.

    Your daughter is adorable!

    This post reminded me so much of my children when they were young. They all walked in a perpetual stoop looking for bugs and rocks. Now they're in their 30's and they still do it!

    Really, really, really sweet post.

    Thanks for the smile.


  7. My kids love bugs. I love getting bug catchers for them. It is a great way to have them look for the little things in life. She looks adorable looking for her bugs! Thanks for sharing in my blog party. Hope to see you back with more ideas later today.

  8. A great idea for getting little ones over their fear of bugs. Princess Pea was also afraid of them for a while, and even went through a stage around 20 months of age where we had to carry her down the sidewalk in front of our house as she'd seen quite a lot of beetles there once and was afraid to walk in that particular spot! Thankfully she grew out of that!

    Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play blog hop! Hope to see you back again tomorrow for this week's hop.

  9. What a fun Mom you are! This is just too cute! my Princess still loves to bug hunt! Love it!
    I am your newest follower! i would love it if you stopped by and became mine!


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