Thursday, August 4, 2011

Outdoor Fun!

Let's Get Outside!
This week is dedicated to putting a
new spin on outdoor activities.

I wanted to put a new spin on water play,
And to have a learning moment as well.
I wanted to help Miss Sassy learn more about colors.
I started out with clean milk jugs
and added red, yellow and blue food coloring.
(I used 2-4 drops.)

I had her guess what colors would be made
by mixing red and yellow.
Although we've done secondary colors before, she still couldn't remember.
She added the food coloring and mixed the jug.
She loved seeing the colors bleed into the water.

When we finished we had a milk jug rainbow!
Now for playtime!
I gave her spoons and cups.
I wanted her to practice pouring "milk"
Without the stinky mess.

She had a great time experimenting with colors,
while she practiced pouring.

I had her choose one color to share with her brother.
He loved pouring it out and spilling it on the ground.

They (surprisingly) played with the milk jugs
for over an hour.
It's amazing how adding a little color really spiced things up!

For our Outdoor Fun Unit, we also learned about the Science of Bubbles, Floating Ice Boats down the river, Went to our local Splash Pad, and made our own Water Station.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I love your idea of using them to practice pouring! I for sure need to start saving up my milk jugs to try this out.

  2. Love it! We went on a nature scavenger hunt!

  3. Love the milk jug rainbows. We are getting ready to do some inquiry projects on colors. I'm adding this one to the list!

  4. This looks like so much fun. I think JDaniel would dump it on himself to make himself a rainbow.

  5. What a great way to explore colour mixing - shake it up!

  6. I absolutely love this!Iam so going to try it!!Thanks for the idea and I'm adding your blog to my reader!


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