Monday, September 26, 2011

Dino Days

We couldn't learn about reptiles,
and not learn about Dinosaurs!
We started out by learning how Dinosaurs com from eggs.
We read Dinosaur Babies.
It is great because it shows how the dinosaurs come from eggs.
We then got out our paper mache,
and balloons,
We made our own dinosaur eggs.
She didn't actually love getting her fingers messy,
so I had to finish making her egg.

We let them dry,
And secretly I put some of our dinosaurs inside.
Then I patched up the hole with paper mache.

Then she pretended she was a mama dinosaur,
and I was the predator.
She went and hid her eggs in the sand.

Then she pretended that they hatched,
so she could see what was inside.

Then she played in the sandbox by herself for a while.
(Isn't alone playing time the best?)

Here are the other Dinosaur Books we are reading this week:

First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Pre-historic life.

The title is a little long and boring,
but this book rocks!
It is full of facts and right on a preschoolers level.

Ten Little Dinosaurs
(with the wiggly eyes)

This book is really fun,
if you can get past pronouncing all of the names.
It is good for talking about how dinos became extinct.

No T-Rex in the Library

is nonfiction, but really fun to realize
how huge dinosaurs really were.

Dinosaur Roar!

Is really great for little boys
aka Baby H.
All of the dinosaurs dance and walk,
and most of the words in the book are different sounds a dinosaur makes.


  1. I love your dinosaur activities ... the paper mache dinosaur eggs are too cool! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button, that would be awesome!) I added your dinosaur posts to my Dinosaur Unit Study board on Pinterest:

  2. Thanks Deb We've been having fun with Dinosaur week! I love Montessori Mondays! I actually have had the button up for a while now, it's under "Places I Party!"

  3. I just love the dinosaur eggs! CUTE!!



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