Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swimming Sea Turtles

We are moving on to the world of Reptiles!
We started by learning about turtles.
And their life cycle...

We loved the book One Tiny Turtle
By Nicola Davies
It shows beautifully how a sea turtle lives,
and eventually lays her eggs in the sand.
It's great because it doesn't start at the "beginning".
So it's perfect way to learn a life cycle differently.

We decided to make sequencing cards to learn
about the sea turtles life cycle.
We started by painting glue on for our sand.
I love how Baby H. helps out lately.

We did an egg mosaic for the turtles egg,
And did tear art for the grown turtle.
Although it is a fairly simply project,
I had to work really hard to keep her attention to the end.
I promised her she could dance afterwards.

Here she is pretending to be a turtle in an egg,

She danced while I clapped my hands
and sang about a turtle growing up.

Later she pretended to hide the turtle eggs in the sand.
Dancing is a fun way to reinforce concepts,
and it works for preschoolers through sixth graders.

Here are the reptile books we are reading this week:

The Mixed-Up Chameleons

Chameleon's Colors

Fun Facts about Turtles

Franklin Goes to the Hospital

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