Friday, December 23, 2011

We Three Kings

Today we learned about the "Three Kings"
or the Wise men

We started out by reading A Star So Bright: A Christmas Tale
By M. Christina Butler
This is such a sweet book!
There is a cut out star on each page,
and the animals look at the new star,
and go and find the baby Jesus.
Who is under a lit up twinkling star on the last page.
My babies LOVED it!

We talked about the wise men,
and how they searched for the baby Jesus.
We made king's crowns out of card board and tinsel,

and decorated them with dot markers.
(Or the Bingo Markers we found at the Dollar Store.)

We made up gifts of Gold (more tinsel),
Frankincense (Essential Oils)
Myrrh (Perfume)

We "wrapped" them in tin boxes, and put bows
with magnets on them.

We made stars,
with markers and glitter.

Then we hung up our star, and put our baby Jesus
right under it,
And brought our gifts to the baby.

Then they played pretend as Kings,

or mommies

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Ummm, this adorable! I love how much fun they have playing together!


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