Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Letter W Week (Watermeon and Witches)

Today we did some more Ww work.

We read the book "My Ww Sound Box" by Moncure.
I love these sweet old books!
I was so excited to find the whole set at a thrift store!
In this book little w dresses up like a witch,
so we all dressed up like witches and wizards!

Although it was unseasonal, we had fun!
Luckily I could raid both grandma's costume closets to find enough costumes.

I made little wands for them to use during our morning work.
The liked the variety very much!
They are tracing the numbers here while listening to Dr. Jean's number song.

We also made some wands,
I had them trace around them on one side,
and the other side they drew a picture of their favorite thing that started with Ww.

We stood up with our wands and wrote the letter Ww in the air.

We went upstairs for our watermelon snack,
which was also out of season,
but beloved by all!
I stuck these toothpicks in them so they could hopefully make the connection between the snack and the letter.

In preschool we are going for recognition, not mastery.

After our snack and playtime we did watermelon counting.
I let them have playtime at first to count the black beans,
then I held up numbers and had them put that many seeds on their melon.
We went up to ten and did some number work
Like put three seeds on one side and three on the other, how many do you have?
And, make sure you have four seeds, now add one more, how many do you have?
Things like that to help them to do higher level thinking.
If you ever do this idea, the cookie sheets or using a tray is a MUST!
It kept the seeds in one place much better.

Happy watermeloning!


  1. All your activities look so much fun!! You did a great job planning this and I'm sure your kids will remember this :) I'm a new twitter follower. come find me if you can.. mamamiash2h


  2. You have one lovely witch in your house! And love the Wand!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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