Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Edible Finger Paint

Yum! Finger Paint you can eat!!

I used to love to finger paint as a child,
I actually have memories as a 2 year old me finger painting.

I was sitting on the floor finger painting with banana pudding
onto the back of a Kleenex box.
That inspired me to make my own edible paint.

All we did was mix up some banana pudding,
and add food coloring.
M. loved helping mix in the colors.
We used baby spoons to mix the colors,
Not that it matters, but she had fun looking ahead to see what color we would mix next!

Such a simple idea,
it was cheap ($0.44 for all that paint!)
and it was fun for the whole family!

We actually did this learning time at night,
we first learned about Noah and his arc,
and we learned about the rainbow,
and about following the prophet.

We put a little paint on every one's paper,
and had some fun!

 Daddy had the best technique using a Popsicle stick

H. had way more fun,when he didn't have to touch it.
Sweet baby is a little o.c.d.

We kept painting and painting,
We let it dry overnight,
and even the goopy parts dried.
The colors were just as vibrant as the night before!


  1. how fun, i definitely want to do this with Cam! I think my earliest memory of finger painting with chocolate pudding is from kindergarten. But I remember it was fun! I just need to get some good paper- do you get something heavier than construction paper?

  2. It's crazy isn't it what memories stick with you! I used cardstockish paper, they are actually old poster board, you can totally have some, I have a ton of it!

  3. This is a great idea! I will have to try it with my 2 year old.
    Found you on the hop at I heart crafty things! Hope you can visit me at

  4. Stopping by from Blog Hop Thursday! I LOVE your blog! Such amazing ideas! Thank you for sharing with us! {following!}

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  5. Kate I love this idea. I am going to try it! Thanks for everything today. I just love you.


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