Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess!

Miss Sweetie turned 4!
She was so excited to finally be big.
A key to happiness is anticipation.
To help her get ready for her birthday,
I made her a birthday Quiet Time Box,
Which she used all month.

It had a birthday had, Melissa and Doug cupcakes,
birthday puff stickers from the $1 box, scented play dough with real candles she cold take in and out and tons of birthday books.

I let her plan every minute of her party.
She wanted, of course, a Tangled themed Party!
She invited everyone dress up

And the cutest Flynn Rider showed up,
You can't really tell from the pic, but he has a goatee painted on!

My sister, Ashley, made this adorable Rapunzel cake for her,
she also made a tower cake for the family party.
M. is so lucky to have such a sweet Auntie!

So as usual I did things simple, and super themed.
First we played hide the satchel,
where we put a pretend crown in a bag and hid it around the living room.

Then we played pin the nose on Flynn Rider.
So fun, and very little cheating, surprisingly.

Then we played Mother, Mother, Mother, Gothel.
AKA. Duck Duck Goose.
We used the witch hat (because everyone knows Mother Gothel is really a witch) and whose ever head it landed on had to chase Tangled.

Then we pretended to cut Tangled's hair off,
meaning we cut yarn off of a hanger.
This was every one's favorite inside activity!
Thanks Preschool Daze for this activity!

Then we went outside and hit the pinata.
Not really Tangled related, but super fun!

I can't believe she's so big!
Wasn't she the sweetest baby?


  1. Awww! What a fun party! Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  2. I love this! So cute!!! Im glad she liked her cake- she's the cutest niece ever!

  3. What gorgeous photos and looks like such a fun party...they grow so quickly don't they?

  4. that sounds like a very fun party and birthday. I really like your Birthday theme quiet time box. Very cute.


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