Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Painting

It's so fun to dye Easter Eggs,
but they hardly get eaten (by children).
So we decided to play with our food,
To help encourage everyone to eat hard boiled eggs.
And as always, it was super simple!

We peeled the eggs after they cooled.
They loved doing this!
It was a little tricky for them, but really fun.

Then we used the accessories from our Cootie Game,
and Mr. Potato Head.
Super easy, and 4 out of 6 of them ate their whole egg.

Next, we moved on to Easter Egg Painting
This was our set-up.

First we read The Easter Egg, by Jan Brett
I love this book, it's so sweet!
Its about a little bunny village who paint eggs for the Easter Bunny,
and one little Bunny doesn't know what to paint,
So he goes to help a mother robin whose egg fell out of the tree.
And the broken empty egg from the baby robin,
is the Easter Bunny's favorite egg.
Here's some extra activities from Jan Brett's site for this book.

The children loved painting with Easter Eggs.
All we did was use half of a plastic egg
and dip it into spring colored paint.
I used cardboard boxes that come with case lot sales,
to contain the paint.

Then I cut the dried papers into egg shapes.
I thought they turned out cute!

Here's M.'s Quiet Time Box for Easter
Her favorite part was the Easter Eggs,
A few of them (3) had candy,
and the rest had small toys,
like Cinderella earrings she got from her birthday.
I also found some fun matching sheets
found here and here.
I put them in a sheet protector and had her use a dry erase marker.

Here is a fun Easter snack we did last year,

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