Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some New FREE Apps!

So I was scanning through the app store,
For educational games for children,
and I found a BUNCH of great {and FREE} Apps!
Have you read this great article about what great educational strides apps have made?  My friend told me about it, and it's so fascinating!
It's called The App Gap and it talks about how important it is to get apps in the hands of all children.
My first and favorite app I found recently is called Play 123
It encourages mastery in shapes, but it is so so much fun to play,
and helps kids use their imagination. My daughter LOVES this one!
Cost: Free {for a limited time}
Click on the pic for more details.
Here's its sister app called Play Lab
It is a similar app,
but it only comes with about 10 pages,
and then it asks you to upgrade.
Cost: Free with a $.99 upgrade.
The next one is called Icky Jungle
It's kind of like the little monster on Cut the Rope that eats the candy, but this monster eats shapes.
The cool part is that it gives you status reports on what your child is learning.  It also has an option when you first open it up to not allow any pop ups for your children.
Cost: Free (for now)
There are a few more educational apps from this creator,
They are almost as fun!  
There is AgnitusIcky Shapes LearnerPeekaboo Animals Learner, and Peekaboo ABC Learner. Cost on all of the above: Free
The 3D Shape Sorter is great for kids too.
It's has a 3D box that can be rotated and 3D shapes are place in.
Cost: Free

This one is called Shape Builder Lite
This is a puzzle game that you can build letters,
cars, instruments. After your child builds the puzzle then they say the vocabulary word. There are lots of puzzles for this free app!
Cost: Free
Elmo Love's ABCs Lite
My daughter LOVES this app, we have the full version,
but we downloaded it when it was free.
This version seems to have almost as much and it is worth checking out.
Cost: Free, upgrade: $4.99
This is how I found these free apps:
I went into the App store on our iPad and selected "Categories".
Then I selected "Education," and then up on top there is a bar, and I selected "Release Date". Hundreds of apps come out each day, your best chance of finding free apps to try out is by finding new apps.  They want people to review them so often they will put out great versions of apps out for free, just to get recognition.

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