Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exploring Seattle Part One

Okay, I have an announcement....
I'm pregnant with baby number #3!
Aka why I haven't posted for a while.
But now that I'm {mostly} over morning sickness,
I'm ready to get back to work!

We had the chance of a lifetime to take a vacation to Vashon Island, WA.
Which is an island in between Seattle and Tacoma.
Our friends live on a six acres oasis.
One morning while the boys were working out,
we decided to go exploring.

I gave the kids their own baggie with their name on it,
and they could pick anything to put in their bag.

It was such a gorgeous day, I ran and grabbed my camera.
They had a ball picking beautiful things,
and claiming them as their own.

It was a fun activity that used many senses.

We headed back inside,
and they were all thrilled with what they found.
This picture feels like such a time piece.
I can almost imagine all of them in the same pose in 5 years.

We went inside and made some flower art.

Then they exercised, just like their daddy's did.
Just look at H.'s face, he wants one too!

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