Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Last of Seattle

Here are the last of our pics from Seattle,
I was planning on posting this last week,
but for some reason pregnancy and blogging do not seem to mix for me.

We visited Snoqualmie Falls,
it was gorgeous!
I love the looks on the kids faces,
they forgot we were on vacation having fun.

In the town of Snoqualmie they have a train museum with a ton of vintage trains that you could go peek in.

We also visited the Troll under the Bridge,
M. loved it!  She would have played in the dirt for hours!

We also went up the Columbia Tower in the city center to see a great view of the city.
This pic shows what a momma's boy baby H. is.

The Children's Museum in Seattle was amazing!

We all loved building, and we were in this room for at least an hour.

This was their themed exhibit, all about animals and insects.
M. found the lady bug outfit right away.

We also went touring around the beautiful Vashon, Island.
One of my favorite sites is the bike in the tree.
Isn't it amazing?
I love this pic of M. & H., but the end of the trip,
they were totally in love.

Here's a book about it:

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