Monday, June 3, 2013

Plymouth Plantation

ISoWhen we asked people must dos with kids in Boston, our aunt who lived there said definitely go see Plymouth Plantation. It was so hands on and so much fun, we are glad we went!

The first stop was to the Native American village. The people there were so cool! They came from the local tribe and did everything by hand. 

Here they are playing with toys.

When we first got there, they were carving out a canoe and burning the inside away. They had 4 canoes completed. They said they sold the completed canoes to museums. 

They had lots of buildings they had made all over. As well as people tending the garden and cooking authentic meals too.
Here's Miss Sassy taking a nap on a comfy bed!

Next we headed to the pilgrim colony. It was so interesting to see the difference! I was surprised to see how "posh" the pilgrim's houses were. They had beds and mattresses with canopy covers around them for privacy.

We decided it was a little awkward to talk to the pilgrims because they all had fake accents and were pretending to be different people, and gave one word answers when you asked questions. 

Then we ran into the sweetest lady. She was mending a dress and we started asking her lots of questions about things children would do.

She was so cute! She had them collect the mussel shells that were outside, as well as some pebbles. She put them in a big bowl for them and told them they were to try to sink the Spanish navy!

They threw the pebbles in and tried to make the shells sink.

We finished up by heading to the kids playroom. There were fun dress ups, puppets, puzzles and toys. It was a fun way to end the day!

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