Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yospe Summer Camp

 My Miss Sassy and I are so much a like that summers can be a little, or A LOT difficult.  Don't get me wrong I love the break from the structure of school.  I love jammie mornings, 9am breakfast, unbrushed hair.  I love spending time with her too, but the wide open day isn't great for our relationship.
So when I heard about the great idea to do your own summer camp (with just your own kids) from the Power of Mom's website I was excited! 

In the morning the need to get their chores done and then we can start our daily activity.  
We have Make-It Monday (for crafts and baking.)
Thinking Tuesday (homeschool day.)
Wet Wednesday (swimming, slip and slides, splash pads.)
Trip Thursday (visit mainly free fun places.)
Friend Friday (a day for scheduled playdates.)

Our main summer problem (or off track problem we've had 4 of those this year!) is that there is a major lack of structure and they ask to watch T.V. all day, and I give in half the time.  And then they get bored of watching T.V.  It's a total vicious cycle.  So my plan is to fill their summer WITHOUT having to be the ring master.

In the afternoon we have scheduled quiet time (another Power of Mom's idea).  We call it Center's to make it fun.  They read for 15 minutes- I even give them a timer.  Mr. H who is a non reader looks at the pictures for 15 minutes. 

Then they write in their journal. Each day I have different writing prompts for them.  The next 15 minutes they do an art project.  My kids love being creative so this can take them a lot longer than 15 minutes!  I found a ton of open ended art ideas that aren't super messy.  I created a pinterest board called "Invitation to Learn."  If they have done all of these three things then they can watch one show that they both have to agree upon.

They both have charts and when they finish their tasks then they earn a point. When they earn 20 points we are going to go to get snow cones.  (We've made a list of things that they really want to do and they are going to work on earning those things.)  To earn extra points I have workbooks they can do.  One page equals one point.

So the beauty of all of this is that they are not bored!
Actually the beauty of this is that they are downstairs while I am upstairs taking a nap, relaxing, getting extra work or chores done. It's a win win!

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  1. You're amazing, Kate! I love that you posted this great idea so that others can learn from your wise ways! If I'm on the ball, I will try to get some of those cool open ended art projects together for Cami to do. She would LOVE it! I'm excited to hear how it all goes for you and your kiddles!


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