Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Just Dust in the Wind

Today we made a wind sock

We painted it-- yesterday
And decorated it today (with the help of baby H)

We punched holes in, put pom poms on it, (for flare)
And tied ribbons to the bottom.

Then we took it outside and went crazy with it!
We tied it to a tree, where it is going to spend the night.


  1. I found your blog through you visiting mine--I love how that works. My little guy has been flying a homemade kite all week and eating it up. The windsock is a great idea and a little easier to "fly" :)

  2. Kate,

    I was wondering what oatmeal kisses meant and then I remembered dear old Erma! Great job doing preschool. You're amazing!

  3. Have we discussed this? Mmmboppin' has been a follower of mine for a while. I also have quite a few followers that might be interested in this blog too. Always willing to give my Sister-In-Law a shout-out if you want?

  4. Mmmboppin' is my good friend Meg Hinckley. We taught together for a couple of years. Am I crazy to be doing two blogs??


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