Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Biodegradable Binoculars

I've been saving up T.P. rolls for some time,
Just ask my husband.
To Make Binoculars!

I used two toilet paper rolls and hot glued them together.
Then we got out the finger paint and got messy!
Miss Sassy used a paint brush.
But Baby H had a great time finger painting.
(He's a serious artist!)

We added stickers to personalize it.
And Voila! Binoculars!

We went on a nature walk to try them out.
We saw lots of birds, a squirrel and our friends!

Two seconds after starting our walk,
Baby H's binoculars were destroyed.
Oh well...It was still fun!


  1. I love that you went on a nature walk afterwards. I bet they paid more attention to things with their binoculars. I wonder if it would help me and my kids play eye spy better?

  2. Too cute! Love this idea! I bet the kids loved every part of this project.

  3. My kids at preschool love to do this too - and like you, they love going on a nature walk afterwards. A fun thing to do is try a different colour on each "lense".

  4. My son would love this! He put one of his Easter eggs up to his eyes this past weekend and called them his binoculars. now he can have his own pair!

  5. I better do this with my boys, I think they would both have a blast with these :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. This is adorable. : ) Thanks for linking up on Fun for Kids Friday! I featured you on my blog today

  7. Thanks Local Fun! That is so cool! I just added your button to my sidebar. Thanks!


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