Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Build a Nest

This week we are studying Birds
So today we built our own Bird's Nest
With Mud, Sticks, Grass and Everything!

First, Miss Sassy dressed up like a bird.
'Cause everything is more fun in costume!

We gathered leaves, twigs, flowers, and grass.
Before hand we talked about how a bird might make a nest.
Miss S. would have only gathered flowers if I would have let her!

Miss S. loved digging in the dirt.

We layered twigs, grass leaves and mud.
We mixed it all together.
And made our own nest!
Afterwards, Miss S. said, "Mom I learned a lot during learning time!"
This is for Jenny's Letter N post!


  1. I hate digging in the dirt, but that looks like a cool project!

  2. What an adorable nest builder! :)

  3. Oh, how sweet and adorable! I bet her nest is wonderful.

  4. Oh, that looks so fun. She's quite a cute little chickadee!

  5. Think of what a pretty nest it would have been with all those flowers. Now you can put it in a tree and wait for renters.

  6. This is such a Neat idea...

    It looks like they are having a blast too...

    Nifty post for the letter "N"!

    Thanks for linking.



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