Friday, April 22, 2011

Rockin' Robin

Today we celebrated Spring
By Making a Robin

Our Supplies:
brown and red feathers, Styrofoam ball, and white pom-pom, orange pipe cleaners, and mod-podge.

First we cut the brown feathers in one inch pieces and
painted the Styrofoam ball with glue.
What a mess!
But a fun mess.

Then we added the red feathers
We filled in the extra spaces with brown feathers.

Then we finished by adding a beak and feet
out of orange pipe cleaner.
This is definitely an art project for an older child. (5-6yrs old)
It would have been better to feather art on a piece of paper,
Instead of 3 Dimensionally.
Oh well, it was a fun feather free for all!


  1. wow. what a great project. I love your robin!



Thanks for your great comments!