Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainbow Jello

A Sensory Discovery!
Today we used our senses to discover colors.

First, we painted with Jell-o
I plopped Jell-o down on baby H's paper,
And he had a blast!
(He also tasted a little too.)

To extend the activity,
We also had fun putting the Jell-o into small containers.
This really encouraged Miss Sassy to mix the colors.

This was a good learning activity for
9 month olds and 3 year olds!
Baby H. really got into it
(How could he not, making a mess and eating at the same time, his specialty.)

Because this was a discovery experience,
It meant anything goes-except for intentionally throwing it.
Miss Sassy kept asking me, "Mom can I mix the colors?"
"Can I taste it?"
"Can I lick the paper?"
Yes, Yes and Yes!

"Mom this was the best learning time!"
So...you should try it!

My tips: Have everything ready including:
jello, bibs, spoons, paper, little dishes, and warm washcloths.

Don't be afraid of the mess!
You won't die, I promise!
This was our cousin baby W who was visiting our house for the day
And had a ball!


  1. Great idea! No one's ever too old to play with jello :-) Thanks for the tip, CB sent me :-)

  2. Kate- I really am excited to try this with my little guy! Thanks for the idea!


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