Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taste The Rainbow

Skittles...Taste The Rainbow
It's great for kids to learn with more than one sense.
So continuing with yesterdays theme,
We learned about color with our sense of sight and taste.

I like to keep things simple,
So while I was drawing a Rainbow for Miss Sassy to use,
She was drawing her own Rainbow
I did this right after Lunch.
I quickly cleaned off the table,
Grabbed some markers, papers and Skittles and we got learning.

I gave her my drawing of the Rainbow
And she sorted the Skittles by color.
The only stipulation: No eating the Skittles until they were all sorted.
I kept baby H in his highchair and gave him books to read.

It was fun and tasty!
It's great for kids brains to sort any item.
And colors are right up my 3 year olds alley now.


  1. What a fun activity, now I'm hungry for skittles! I think I'll try this with Cami and her cousin Ari this week...Ari's staying with us for 8 days! They'd have fun with the colors, although I don't know they'd be disciplined enough to hold off eating until sorted. :)

  2. What a cute idea! I bet little miss sassy had the best time! Ps her rainbow was adorable

  3. What a fun way to enjoy your Skittles!! :)

    Thanks for linking this project up with For the Kids Fridays! I appreciate you stopping by, and hope to have you back for this week's party! I'll be posting it later tonight.

    :)rachel at

  4. Thanks Heather and Ash! Good luck with Ari, let me know if we can help (maybe a play date at your house or something.) Have fun doing this activity with them, let me know how it goes!

  5. Rachel,
    I love your blog thanks for all of the great ideas!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this at For the Kids Friday Link Party! I will be posting the next party tomorrow night. I hope to have you stop by and join us for another week sharing great ideas for our kids!!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    :)rachel at

  7. What a great reason to give my sweeties some sweets :) Thanks for linking to the Rainbow Connection!


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