Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Trip: Duck Park

To Finish Up Our Duck Theme
We Went to Feed the Ducks!
We went to a duck park I went to as a child.

We got a close look at the ducks!

We fed them until our bread was gone!
(The ducks are hiding from the strong current right next to the bank.)
I'd been saving stale bread for weeks.

We also found some "fluff" from the cotton trees.
We collected it because it looked and felt
Just like real feathers.
(I may or may not have claimed they were actual feathers.)


  1. How fun!!! Whenever I go to the duck park I remember when we were little and Carli jumped in because she dropped in her doll- I'm sure you remember the same thing :). Miss Sassy looks like she had a blast!

  2. That's so funny! I always remember that too, but I had forgotten she dropped her dolly in, I thought she just jumped in. It must have been tramatizing for us!


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