Monday, May 23, 2011

Animals All Over The World

To Kick Off Our Zoo Theme
We Wanted to Find Out
Where Do All of the Animals
in the Zoo Come From?
I rolled out different colors of play-doh
To look like the seven continents.
I used a knife to give them shape.
Poor Antarctica, I kinda left him out.
I put zoo animal pictures on tooth picks
We put the animals in their native continents.
We started with North America
I made it in Pink, her favorite color, so she could identify with it.
We talked about how the animals
Were spread all over the world.
And the Zoo is a place where we can find all of them!

Editors Note: So I know this looks super educational,
but Miss Sassy had a ball.
After we were finished she had all of them talking to one another.
And she cried when I put Antarctica away too soon. (Who knew!)

For our Zoo Animal Theme we made a Side Walk Zoo, and a Zoo Puppet Show.
We found the perfect book to connect with our learning:
 Charlie at the Zoo
By Marcus Pfister
The same author as Rainbow Fish

It is about a curious duck who goes to the zoo.
It has little highlighted maps for each animal.

Here are our other books were reading this week:

A Sick Day for Amos McGee
By Philip C. Stead

It's about a zoo keeper who gets sick
and all of the animals help him get better.

The Zoo
By Suzy Lee

A little girl goes to the zoo and finds magic!

1, 2, 3, to the Zoo
By Eric Carle
Another great book by Eric Carle

By Donald Crews
There is a Carousel at our zoo.
This book captures the essence of the Carousel
And Miss Sassy feels like she on a Carousel when she reads it.

Happy reading!

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