Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Side Walk Zoo

Today We Made Sidewalk Paint
For a Sidewalk Zoo

Here's our Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe:

First we made some sidewalk chalk paint
It is so easy!
You just mix 3 Tbs. cornstarch, 1/4 c. water
 and 3 drops food coloring.

It's better if it's a little runny.
Put the cornstarch in first, and then the water.
We used a paintbrush to mix it, so we had no clumps.

Here's our set up outside
Our paint, brushes and zoo animal stamps.

We stamped painted and blotted our sidewalk chalk paint!

Miss Sassy loved the stamps,
but truthfully it just looked like a big blob.

She had such a great time because she made the paint,
and loved seeing the colors dry on the cement.

I wish I would have done this as a teacher!
It would be so great to practice letters, words, or numbers.
Maybe in 15 years...


  1. YAY! That looks awesomely fun :) We have those same stamps! Ours are from Target and we got them on clearance for .49!!

  2. very cute idea. It seems a lot of our art is just big blobs, but the kids love it so that is what is important.

    I have tagged you in this campaign:

  3. I love this idea - thanks! We'll be giving this a go for sure!

  4. We LOVE making sidewalk paint - did it so much last summer that I should have taken stock in cornstarch lol!

    Looks like she's enjoying herself!


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