Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoo Puppet Show

Now Presenting...
Zoo Animal Puppets
This was a concrete way for Miss Sassy to review
Zoo Animals before our field trip.

Miss Sassy had a great time creating her puppets
I cut out the silhouette of the animals,
and she colored them and glued on the extra pieces.
We used foam paper and school glue.

Here is what they ended up looking like:

This was a very interactive puppet show,
She kept talking and talking to me while presenting her puppets.
Then she insisted that I take a turn.
Which was perfect,
because I could review all the things we learned this week.

We used our Veggie Box to make our puppet theater.
I cut a medium sized rectangle out of the bottom.
We glued construction paper to the back,
and used pieces of her butterfly wings for the sun and bushes.

I made some curtains by folding over 2" of
wrapping paper and gluing it, pulling my ribbon through it and gluing the ribbon to the top of the box.

What have you done with puppets?


  1. Oh, this is so great! I love it!

  2. Cute, clever and creative!! Very nice!!

  3. so cute! wanted to invite you to link up w/the Sunday Showcase!

    Would love for you to join us to share your creative ideas!


  4. I absolutely love that picture of her peeking out over the side. So cute. What a fun idea. She will be telling so many stories with such a fun theater. Thanks for sharing at my blog party.

  5. Such a cute idea. You are amazing! Maybe someday I'll have that much energy... prob not!

  6. Honestly, we haven't ever made our own puppets. I really need to get on that with my kiddos! Thanks for the inspiration!


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