Sunday, May 15, 2011

Five Little Ducks Went Out To Play

We made Duck Finger Puppets
This project took a little bit of prep to get ready.
I cut out circles of sticky foam paper
and glued on the eyes.

Then I let the girls (during a play date)
Decorate the duck faces.
Let's just say it was ducks in makeup!

Then the girls pealed of the backs of the circles
And put them on their glove

Then we headed down stairs and acted it out.
They had fun singing the song, and putting their fingers down.

And acting like the mother duck.

For our Duck theme we made a duckie box to play in, and we learned about the ducks life cycle with our scratch and sniff book, we also took a field trip to the duck park.


  1. Super cute!! I love the 5 little ducks finger play :)

  2. love it! I love that song. We have a book that we sing with that song. A glove would make it entirely more fun. Thanks for the inspiration.


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