Monday, June 13, 2011

Air, Water, & Ice

This week we are going to be learning about
Different States of Matter
(For 3 year olds, we just say air, water and ice.)

This is how you can play duck, duck, goose with just you and your mommy.

I bought a bunch of beach balls to experiment with.
I found these at Target for $1.
This is a pretend man at the gas station.

First we filled them with air and experimented.
This is our sweet little neighbor boy helping out!

Next, we filled them with water.
I used the nozzle that came with my water balloons.
Both Baby H and Miss S loved filling all four balls with water.

They were heavy!
It's funny how what Miss Sassy did changed
When I put different things in the ball.

Lastly, I put one of the balls in the freezer.
Then we experimented with ice.
It was fun how it slid down the slide.
And when we kicked it, it made clanking sounds.

For our Air, Water, and Ice theme we also made frozen water balloons, and paint filled water balloons.


  1. GENUIS! It's amazing the complex concepts we can teach our little ones when we just simplify them a bit.

    Thanks for linking up with me at Look, Listen, Read, & Play!

  2. Very Innovative! Can't wait to try this out with my daughters.

  3. Thanks for linking this up to Outdoor Play!

    Hope we'll see you back again tomorrow for this week's linky.

  4. What a good experiment! I bought one of those balls at Target too. London LOVES it! Excited for our girl's night!


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