Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shining Sun

Time to Make the Sun
Out of Paper Mache

Miss Sassy was looking forward to this one.
I told her for learning time
She was going to get messy!
I let her measure everything out,
Because it didn't matter if it was exact.

Before I let her start, I made sure to cut out the paper.
I chose to use tissue paper,
so my "sun" could be more transparent.
We tried to just dip it into the mixture,
but it was too fragile,
So Miss S. painted while I hurried and put the paper on.
Hi Baby H!

This picture speaks a thousand words.
She loved it!
She loved getting messy.
She loved doing it all on her own.

So we let it dry.
And made our sun glow.

We read Me and My Place in Space!
By Joan Sweeny
To help her learn more about the Solar System
It is really on a child's level,
and it talks about characteristics of all the planets.
If she were a little older
Or if I were a little more ambitious
I would have made ALL the planets...
Probably better I didn't.


  1. so how did i not know about this awesome blog?!? you are the greatest mom with the cutest kids and i am so glad i am your neighbor! xxoo

  2. Oooo I LOVE how your made it glow! Wonderful project. We love using tissue paper to do paper mache too- SO much easier and more beautiful! Thanks for linking up :-)

  3. What a beautiful glow and Love her smile too!! Fun!!! Great activity!


  4. This is soooo adorable! I love how you can tell how much miss sassy loves it - too cute! I think that this would be a cool wedding decoration!

  5. That's pretty neat. I does look like the hot shining sun. Did you hear about this week's solar flare?

  6. That's adorable. These are wonderful projects here on your blog! I can't wait to try them with my little one.

  7. How beautiful! I just love the photo of her delighted smile :)

  8. How fun! I love it! I always loved paper mache as a kid... I should do this with my kids this summer. Thanks for sharing at For the Kids Friday! Love to have you back to share at this week's party!

    :)rachel at

  9. Love how your sun turned out! :) Thanks for adding this idea to High paw last week! Hope you'll join us this week too!

  10. Wow! That is so fun! I love it. What a creative mom you are to actually make it glow. Hope you will come back today and share on child centered art party Thursday.

  11. LOVE your blog! Found you over at the Playtime link party and I'm your newest follower! Every Tuesday I do a story time with craft on my blog so I absolutely loved this idea! I hope you'll stop by to say hello and follow back if you'd like.


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