Friday, July 22, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

We could not learn about castles and princesses
Without learning about
Marie Antoinette
Who was famous for saying:
"Let them Eat Cake!"
We looked at lots of pictures on-line of the Castle in Versailles.

And watched some videos about Marie Antoinette's life.

She was and Austrian princess who married Louis XVI at the height of the French Empire.  This period of time is very well know and depicted in the play Les Miserables.  The French people were frustrated with their king and queen.  They stormed the Palace of Versailles and took Mary and Louis and guillotine style publicly.  Thus Mary Antoinette is, to the French people, a queen tragically put to death for her husband's errors.  Aaah the romance!

I just taught Miss Sassy the good parts,
She loved learning about her.
We made and decorated a cake in her honor.

We used sugar cubes to make the cake look like a palace.
Sugar Cubes are amazing! I'm glad I bit the bullet and finally bought some!
I'm excited to use them for math and art!

We also squeezed frosting on it.

Poured sprinkles,
And put every sweet treat we have in the house on it.
I would definitely not serve this to the neighbors!
She double dipped and licked her fingers a few too many times!
But that was kinda the point!
Then we had our cake and ate it too!


  1. So fun! I love reading all your posts!

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  3. I love your castle. I think the eating cake part was one of the best parts of the story.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. This counts as an entry in the Summer Reading Challenge.

  4. yes mine lick too much as well whan making, but they dont have anyhting deadly so why not

  5. I love cake so really enjoyed this. BTW - where's the 'O'in the post?

  6. I love that quote.. and it is surprising how many people do not get it!

    Your cake looks delicious. Mmmh.

    Thanks for joining Kids Get Crafty!


  7. sweet! I like the idea of making your own cake and eating it.

    have a lovely day.

  8. What a good and FUN mom you are. And what a neat way for your daughter to learn.


  9. Stopping from Alphabe Thursday! Now I want cake too.

  10. Great fun and a learning experience also!

    I'd eat cake that those little fingers double dipped in any time!!!

  11. Cute post :)

  12. What an interesting way to connect cake to Marie Antoinette! Who said that making and eating cake wasn't educational :)

  13. great post but now I want some cake and I really don't care if it was double dipped

  14. "O" is not only for that good looking cake, but also for your Oatmeal kisses!


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