Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Paper Bag Princess

Today we read the book
The Paper Bag Princess
By Robert Munsch
It is a classic!
Look at that hair! (Naptime bed head!)
Before I read the story
Miss Sassy and Baby H. got "Princess" fruit snacks.
I had her sort them by color, count them and eat them.

We decided to act it out.
We love acting out books!
We got out our own paper bag princess, dragon, castle, and prince.

It was so fun to hear her repeat lines from the book.
And it was fun to see her get into it!

Here are the princess books that we will be reading this week:

The Paper Bag Princess
By Robert Munsch
(Of course!)

Castle an Eyewitness book
This is a fun way to actually learn about
princesses and midevil times.

The Princess Pea
By Lauren Child
This book has the best illustrations.
It's very fun to read.

Dora's Favorite Fairy Tales
I don't normally like T.V. character books,
This one is really great.
It is geared to children, and it is full of really great stories.

(A Pop-up book)
Illustrated By Matthew Reinhart
This book is beautiful!
It takes your breath away!

What are your favorite princess books?


  1. I've never read "The Paper Bag Princess" before. I will definitely have to check it out! You have so much fun at your house, I love it!!

  2. Never heard of it and will have to read it!

    Good times!

  3. I have heard of this book, but have forgotten about it until now. I need to go to the library and snag it! I'm sure my little princesses would love to act it out as well.

  4. What an array of princess books! The Paperbag Princess has such wonderful twists and turns in it.

  5. See if you can find a copy of Marigold and the Dragon. It's a terrific princess book and my favorite when I was a kid. I recently wrote about it on my blog.

  6. I like the classics like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I like Beauty and The Beast because the girl is empowered.

  7. Oh yes that is a lovely book and looks like you had lots of fun!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  8. I haven't heard of that book, but I think my girls would love it!

  9. Looks like lots of princess fun with your pretty many princess stories to choose from!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    ...having fun catching up on some blog reading! If you get a chance to stop by...please leave a comment so that I know you were there :o)

  10. I LOVE this story. We always did lessons with this when I was in the classroom. I read it with my girls but we never did any activities with it - might be time to revisit it again. A Princess theme might be in our future!

    Hope to see you link up to the Sunday Showcase this week -


  11. Ah the Paper Bag Princess! It's been years since I last read that! I MUST buy it for my own girls. Thanks for the lovely ideas, and for linking up to 5-a-Day Books!

  12. What a fun Mom you are!

    I love book and external seems to make the stories more vivid for little ones!

    Thanks for the smile and the nifty link this week.



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