Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Create Your Own Princess

We are starting Princess Week!
Are you surprised we haven't done this sooner?
I think I am now addicted to free art.
Miss Sassy is more creative and is more focused as she has the freedom to explore.

I cut out doll shapes out of cardboard
(Like cereal boxes, popcorn boxes, and fruit snack boxes)
She was excited to have the freedom to dress the dolls.

I put different supplies in coffee filters for her to use.

She had squares of paper, tin foil, google eyes, cut up coffee filters, scraps of foam paper, and scraps of cardboard.

She has loved the cut out squares lately.
She drew three princess faces on them.
Today was actually the first day that she has drawn faces so well!
Complete with eyelashes!

Extensions for boys: Cut out the same doll shapes, just leave off the skirt. Or Cut out dinosaur, dragon or sword shapes.

For our Princess Unit we made a Paper Bag Princess, made cake to learn about Marie Antoinette, and Dressed Up like a Princess.

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  1. I love how you put out a variety of materials for Miss Sassy to explore.


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