Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chinese Exchange

What better way to learn about China,
Then by being around Chinese exchange students.

We have had so much fun learning about China from these wonderful students!
Mike and Lance (these are their American names)
Came to the U.S. this summer.
They stayed with my parents for three weeks.

Miss Sassy and I learned so much just by being around them!
First we learned they love noodles, veggies and rice.
It's not a stereotype it's true!
We got to make them a noodle and veggie dinner one night
and they ate TONS of food.
I made lots, but it still wasn't enough,
 so they made Ramen Noodles for themselves.

We also learned that China uses lots of coal for fuel.
Although, these boys were from the west part of China,
There was so much pollution that they had never seen a sunset.
They also had never seen stars so brightly as we see them here.

They were mesmerized by the stars.
My parents took them twice to the mountains to go star gazing.

We also learned how grateful and polite people from China are.
We made them a parting gift,
by mod-podging tissue paper onto a frame.
I wrote friend in English and Chinese.
And Miss Sassy wrote her nick-name.

These boys accepted these gifts so graciously,
They said they would show them to their class in China.
And even wrapped them back up carefully in the
red wrapping paper.

One of them also said that they would love to come back
And live in the U.S.
Because of the freedoms here.
We asked him what freedoms he meant,
and he said, "I don't know, it's just a feeling."


  1. What a fabulous way to learn about China!!!

    I thought that was so interesting (and sad) about them never seeing a sunset or starts shine so brightly. The little things we take for granted!

  2. What an opportunity! They probably loved learning about China firsthand.

  3. What an awesome opportunity!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog hop last week!
    Danielle @ Mama Dani's Musings


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