Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chinese Characters

We loved learning about pandas so much,
We decided to learn about China!
My parents also have exchange students from China living with them.
(So it's perfect timing!)

I wanted to teach her about Chinese writing.
I found this great book:
It was about a dragon who didn't know what he was.
He followed a treasure hunt of Chinese characters,
and found out who he was.

The best part about this book is it shows the evolution of Chinese characters.
Isn't that so interesting?!
And, all throughout the book it showed these symbols.

So I got my butcher paper out covered a table,
and pulled out some markers and crayons.
In my minds eye I imagined her drawing beautiful Chinese characters, and it would make such a good picture.

But she took the Chinese writing quite literally,
She drew a picture of the sun, a moon, and a dragon.
That was just fine.
In the end she learned that Chinese writing came from pictures.
Which is quite true, and way more fun!

For our unit on China we also did a Dragon Scavenger Hunt,
And interacted with Chinese exchange students.
And here is my weekly wrap up of ideas for your own China unit.

Here are the books about China we are reading this week:

Jin Jin the Dragon
By Grace Chang

The Seven Chinese Brothers
By Margaret Mahy
A classic about how a family of brothers use
their strengths to save each other

Kai-lan's Trip to China
By Jade-Lianna Peters
This was her favorite book about China.
It's very animated and fun.
It has Chinese words in there and they help a baby panda!

Mei-Mei Loves the Morning
By Margaret Tsubakiyama
This is a wonderful book with great illustrations.
It shows the Chinese culture through a child's eyes.

You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China
By Jacqueline Morely
This was a fun book with lots of facts
(good and bad) about China.


  1. Oh wow -- I love that book about Chinese writing. My husband grew up there - so anything Chinese is very interesting to my daughter and I.

  2. we learn Chinese, I will def be referencing this site. TY!

  3. I love your book reviews/suggestions. I loved doing preschool focusing activities and learning around a book. Great ideas!!!

  4. Lovely the book looks great and a fabulous set of ideas!

    (as always, thank you for joining in at Kids Get Crafty!)

  5. What a great way to introduce China to young children! It does fit perfectly with your study of pandas - and perfect timing when your parents have exchange students from China living with them. Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at

  6. What a great way to talk about how Chinese characters evolved! I'm going to link to this post on Saturday when I share resources for preschoolers--let me know if that's a problem!


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