Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Cycle: Panda Bears

After reading tons of books about pandas,

We decided to make our own.

To prepare we looked up videos on You Tube
Of a panda's life cycle
We loved this one!

I have been waiting to do salt paintings for a while,
I thought this was the perfect project.
I had her paint glue into the shape of a baby panda.
We used pink glitter and salt to sprinkle on it.

She painted on a "toddler" panda,
As well as a grown up panda.
After it dried, she painted the dry salt black.

We also made bamboo by using tissue paper
twisted around a pencil and dipped into glue.

I think my favorite part was when she was
 painting the letters on the cover.
She would say the letters she knew as she painted them.
She knew a few more than I realized!

So a perfect preschool activity would be for a teacher to make a huge letter and let the children paint it any color(s) they wished.

It is not a Newberry Award book,
But it really helped her collect what she knew about Pandas,
to something concrete and real.


Thanks for your great comments!