Monday, August 29, 2011

Ice Cream Shoppe

We decided to switch gears,
And open up our own ice cream shoppe!
I chose this theme because that's all she's wanted to play lately,
So I decided to put a new spin on it,
And add some learning components as well.

I made some play dough:
If you want to make it colorful add 4 drops of food coloring.
I doubled it and put it on med. heat.
I stirred it until it was not gooey anymore.
And let it cool.
And we squished it together.
It was perfect!

I left our any color, because I wanted her to add her own color.
I let her use our ice cream scoop.

Then she used the markers to add some color.
Use markers you don't really care about,
because it dries them out.

Then I pulled out the piece de resistance:
An Ice Cream Cone!
(A real one.)
She loved stacking on the scoops,
And trying to eat the cone.
In the end I let her fill a different cone with marshmallows.

Even Baby H. liked playing with markers and play dough.

For our unit we also made ice cream,
And watched how Sub-Zero makes ice cream with nitrogen.

Here are the books we are reading this week:

Ice Cream Cones for Sale!

How Did that Get to my Table?
Ice Cream

Milk to Ice Cream

Curious George Goes to the Ice Cream Shop

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

What fun things have you done to learn about Ice Cream?


  1. We made homemade ice cream and played ice cream parlor when we had our ice cream week.

  2. I love that you went with your daughter's interest and added a learning component! Those are great books to go along with your activities! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page.

  3. Aaah how fun! What a great activity!!! Isn't an ice-cream shop simply the best!?!?

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty! :-)



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