Friday, September 2, 2011

Nitrogen Ice Cream and Weekly Wrap-Up

We headed over to Sub-Zero Ice Cream Tonight,
Where they make ice cream with nitrogen.

They started with cream and flavors,
(Just like we did yesterday.)
Then they blasted it with cloud of nitrogen.

It was so cool to watch!
And fun to eat.
I think we've had our fill of ice cream for the week!

Here are some other great ice cream ideas
from some of the great people I follow.

The first comes from Becca at
She used Popsicle and ice cream stickers
(Which she found at Target)
and taught her little one about patterns.
Go here to check it out!

The second comes from my friend at JDaniel4's Mom
Who loves to do Muffin Tin Monday,
Every Monday she makes her son's lunch in a muffin tin.
On national ice cream day she made all frozen treats for JDaniel
She made ice cream cone toasted sandwich, frozen banana pureed with blueberry, frozen grapes and more!
Click here for recipes, and other muffin tin ideas.

The last is from Tina at Tinkerbell's Treehouse.
She used her cute ice cream dishes and cotton balls
To play ice cream shop with her daughter.
Her daughter had fun imaginative play,
and worked on her gross motor skills.

I love the button toppers!
 Go here to see all the fun.

What fun things have you done with ice cream?

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