Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainbow Fish

We love literature!
We read the classic Rainbow Fish,
By Marcus Pfister

Then we made our own.
I cut out a cheap paper plate in the shape of a fish.
(This way you could do it for one child,or 25 children.)

Then Miss Sassy painted it beautifully.
We let it dry and glued on some bling!

While she was painting, baby H. got jealous.
I decided to let him paper towel paint.
I just scribbled on a paper towel, and gave him a wet paint brush.
As he painted, the colors bled into the towel.
He loved it!

In the Rainbow fish, he learns that if he gives away his favorite thing, and he is happier because he has friends.
Recently Miss Sassy's friend, K., gave her a princess scooter.
It was very special to her and hard for her to give away.
We decided to make a special rainbow fish for K.,
to say thank you.

It was fun to connect literature to art and to real life!

Here are the books we are reading this week:

Wish for a Fish

What is it like to be a fish?

The gold magical fish

The Pout-Pout Fish
In the Big Bid Dark

The Birthday Fish


  1. We love this book, too. And what a cute fish miss sassy made!

  2. OOO what a lovely theme for the week! I love that she made one as a thank you for her friend, how precious. I love this story, but don't know the other ones. Thanks for listing them!

  3. Your fish is so cute! We love this book too.

  4. I love literature-related activities, and this is lovely for an ocean unit! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button, that would be awesome!) I added your post to my Pinterest ocean unit study board:

  5. That is so sweet that she made one for her friend! I really love this craft! We just got the Rainbow Fish from the library last week and I know my preschooler would absolutely LOVE this.

  6. We have done this craft before and my kids love it.

    Kelly @ Here Comes the Sun

  7. great craft - it turned out so cute. we love that book! :)


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