Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Snow Fun {indoors & outdoors}

We read Snowmen at Night

Which is such a fun idea that Snowmen wander around at night!
(I so wish that Christmastime wouldn't try to steal snowmen from January!)

Then we went outside to play play play!

We found some sticks and hat and made our snowman adorable,
  Don't you just love the team work?

Sweet snowman...

And then there were none...
It looks like only J. destroyed this, but really they all had fun kicking it and jumping on it.
Poor snowman.

Then we went inside and had some hot coco,
and made a snowman snack.
She basically smooshed three marshmallows on a toothpick,
and smooshed chocolate chips to make a face and buttons.

Not pretty, but it was all self directed
(aka the 3 year old did all the work.)
Not to mention tasty!

While she was making her snowman,
H. was playing with chocolate chips.
He loved taking them out of one container and putting them into another.
And he loved eating a few along the way.

I also had our letter of the week printed out,
So M. could practice putting chocolate chips on the do a dot page.
So this is a perfect example of how I do my learning times,
I set it up with the snowman,
then I let her do an independent activity while I clean the kitchen.
It's a win win situation.
And, it doesn't have to be perfect as you can see here,
nothing was really glamorous, but both children were working and learning on their level.
Here are my pin boards for baby activities,

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  1. aww this is very cute & I love that book - have never seen it before. I agree let's steal the snowman back for January! Thanks so much for linking up this week. Kierna


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