Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indoor Igloo

We are not snowed out yet!
but I actually don't like getting cold,
so we improvised...

We brought the snow inside.

We put our hats and gloves, which got them super excited!
The only problem was, I gave them spoons for digging,
but they used them for eating.
{Why would they do that?}

We used our handy dandy sprayers,
with fresh water.

Check out this awesome idea,
perfect for older kids!
Snow Mosaic
Isn't that cool!
Caught ya with snow in your mouth!
I hurried and pulled out some little dinosaurs to distract him from chowing down on snow.
When the snow got a little sparce,
I pulled out ice cubes to build an igloo.
We built it up, and left a door.
And put it in the freezer.
Then, two days later, I soaked the bowl in hot water,
and it came right out.
We added more snow,
Our on hand supply of penguins, snow princesses, and abdominal snow men.
Sweet! Don't you love when they play together!
(They do it better when their brains are engaged!)
Then when their fingers got cold,
We snuggled and read
Watch me Grow Penguin,
And Tacky the Penguin,
By Helen Lester
Which is one of my favorites!
Happy January!


  1. How ingenious. Love the igloo. We've been waiting for snow to try the colored sprayers. Looks like your kids had a blast.


  2. This is a great idea! Wish the snow would hang around here longer...

  3. Love this idea! Hehe... we are in FL so no snow for us. But still precious!!

  4. What a great idea to bring the snow inside! We've been a little snow deprived this winter in Toronto, not that I'm complaining. But my youngest would really like to make a snowman, and squirt a little colour on the ground. We'll remain hopeful!

  5. This is awesome ... lots of fun and a great sensory experience along with hands-on learning for a penguin theme! I added your post link to my Montessori-Inspired Arctic and Antarctic Unit at


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