Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow Week Wrap-Up

I love Wintertime activities!
{Especially if it means getting me out of the house!}
It seems like during the winter I have to try extra hard to not get cabin fever! Being busy makes me happy!
So during the winter we visit lots of museums,
go to different libraries, visit pet's mart, or try anything new!

Which includes fun activities at home as well!

We have had a ton of fun playing in the snow,
But it's time to move on and learn something new.

So here is a list of the other activities I would do,
if I had more time...

First off, check out this idea from Even Cleveland
Who was guest posting on
She made macaroni snowflakes!
IMG 2094 719455 How To Make Macaroni Snowflakes
So cute! And such a fun idea to do with kids.
Next year, when M. is a little more coordinated,
we'll do this and read Snowflake Bentley.

I would also love to pair that activity to this one by StrongStart
She made these by photocopying pictures of snowflakes onto transparencies.  Then the kids examined them.

My last favorite idea is from delia creates.
She made borax snowflakes.
How amazing is this?!
She shares a recipe here.
Wouldn't this be a wonderful way to enrich your child's knowledge?
Love it!

I also can't resist sharing another picture from Delia Creates,
She had a snow party outside,
She made a table and chairs out of snow.
How sweet is this!

Here are some more ideas on my Letter S pinboard.
Have great fun in the winter!


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