Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick Valentine Quiet Box

Okay okay, so I know I have been talking about
Quiet Time Boxes a lot lately!

But  I wanted to make the idea super easy for you,
so you could make your own {Quickly}.

Today I wanted to throw together
one quiet time box,
so you could see how easy it is.

First I picked a theme: Valentines
Then I grabbed my books:
Some of these are from around the house,
some are ideas from JDaniel4's Mom
which I put on hold at the library
(from the convenience of my own home)
and picked them up today.

I threw in our wooden hearts that we use for sorting,
Grabbed some cute containers,
and told her she could sort them by size or shape.

I also grabbed her beauty shop bag,
and threw it in there.
It has pretend makeup, brushes, lipstick,
a blow dryer, a mirror, a tea pot and some tea cups.

See, so easy.
It took me five minutes to put it together,
she went into her room played for 45 min,
and is now napping.

I am now to the point that I know what she loves,
If I see a cute book on a blog or on Amazon,
I go onto my library's website and put the book on hold.
M. loves books so that makes it easy for me.

Whenever I am at the dollar store or Target $1 bins I look for new things that I can throw in there to change them up.

So pick a theme whether you have a girl or boy,
put toys that somewhat match the theme
{that aren't their favorite toys}.
Then set a timer, especially if your child is older.
You could start with 15 min., 30 min., and then work up to a longer time period.

Here is an idea for Quiet Time Bags,
And here is my original Quiet Time Boxes Post.


  1. Really great idea...and considering one of my twins seems to be cutting down on her day time sleep while the other wants to sleep i'm thinking i may be making some of my own soon!!

  2. Wow! I can't even imagine! I sometimes use mine as bribbery. I tell her, oh if your quiet you can have your box, and then you can close your eyes and take a little rest. She's so sweet to me that she usually does it. Good luck with your little darlings!


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