Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Preschool Fun

Miss Sweetie had a great time decorating Valentines for her friends yesterday.

When we were little my Grandma let us come over,
she would open up a very old tin
full of old fashion Valentine making treasures.
Now every time I see doilies, it feels special...

I think my favorite one of M.'s Valentines was to the only little boy in her class.
My favorite part is: you're just the greatest guy ever.
What a nice vote of confidence.

When preschool got started it was a free for all,
with everyone passing out their Valentines.
Check out this one, isn't it adorable?

We learned about the letter Vv
And I found some heart shaped cereal.

We used confessions of a homeschooler's do a dot Vv page.
We did it first with heart cereal,

And then with candy hearts dipped into paint.
We also used her letter Vv word hunt page as well.
Loved it!

We read The Day It Rained Hearts
By Felicia Bond
Cute, cute story about how Cornelia makes Valentines out of hearts that rained out of the sky.

It is amazing how many Valentine's books have references to the post man, office, or box.
So we made our own post office.
(Just like JDaniel4's Mom)

So so so fun.
They could have been writing letters for days!

We took a break for snack.
I cut Twinkies on a diagonal
and they matched it together to make a heart.
We garnished it with cherry pie filling.
It was so decadent!
I wish I would have had them eat off fine china.
{I really do, it would have made it more of an occasion.}

We went downstairs and did some counting, sorting and graphing.
Graphing was a perfect challenge for these guys.
We used the worksheet found here.

Thanks for Deb for such a nice round up of all things Valentine's!
It made finding things so much easier!


  1. You have heart shaped cereal??? How cute!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. I agree with Maggy. Where did you find it?? I am featuring this post on WOTT, specifically the heart shaped cereal, because HEART SHAPED CEREAL! How awesome! Haha :) Thanks for linking up to WOTT!

    1. Wow! That's great, thanks!! Okay so it's called Quaker Whole Hearts and it just came out. It's pretty good too! Thanks again!


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