Thursday, February 16, 2012

V is for Volcanoes

Today we learned all about the letter V.
Here are our upside down V volcanoes.

We painted the V with brown paint,
and the hot lava with gel paint.

Last night I prepared a little volcano science experiment.
The best way to spice up school is with science.
I used 1/3 c. Baking Soda
and reserved 1/3 c. white vinegar (and red food coloring) for the experiment.

Ready, aim, blast off!! 
 For the five seconds that it was happening,
it was totally worth it!

We watched a you tube video of a real volcano erupting,
and we went upstairs to make our own edible volcano.

This idea comes from Craft Interrupted
We did it the same way.
Put chocolate pudding into an ice cream cone,
flipped it over fast,
put pudding around it a little bit,
then made the molten lava flow from it,
we used jelly belly brand cherry ice cream topping.
We also put dinosaur gummy bears on it,
(To link into our unit on animals)

Delicious and nutritious.
Um maybe not so much nutritious.

We then made our own human volcano.
The all had red, yellow, and orange scarves,
and pretended they were lava.
They hid under the blanket
until I said, "The volcano is erupting!"

And erupt it did!

And the lava filled the whole room.
We did it about three times,
because it was so fun and silly. 
{And educational, but don't tell them that!} 

Next we read a dinosaur book,
and did some dinosaur math.
The printable is found here.

Because their minds were so excited about volcanoes,
and dinosaurs,
they thought this was the best activity ever. 

I paired two children together,
an older one and a younger one,
so they could work on their numbers together.
This was great for team work, one on one correspondence,
fine motor skills, and thematic integration.

Then they played in the sand table with dinosaurs.

For more letter v ideas check out my pin board here.


  1. So many fun ideas!!! Love the chocolate pudding/ice cream cone activity. Thanks for sharing with us at Sharing Saturday. Hope to see you again next week.


  2. Super, super fun!! I'm totally making an edible volcano when we get to v.

    Popping in from pre-k corner.

  3. Ha! Love all the different takes on the volcano. :)


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