Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sense of Taste

This week we are learning about our five senses!
We're starting out with our sense of taste,
because that's the most exciting one!
Maybe just for me...

We read the wonderful book, Tasting, by Sharon Gordon.

This book was a wonderful inquiry book.
It asked great questions,
was full of fun pictures,
and was a perfect jump start to our senses week.

As we were reading,
it talks about the different tasting regions of your mouth,
Which are sweet & salty, bitter and sour.

I gave them different things to taste so they could find the different areas on their mouths.
I had a bag with chocolate chips, Cheetos, cabbage, and sour patch kids.
(They even ate the cabbage for bitter.)

After we finished reading, we had a taste test.
A great idea I first saw here.
I had them close their eyes,
This is H. trying to close his eyes and open his mouth!

but really I should have pulled out a heavy duty eye cover,
that girl is a little peeker!
She smelled it and guessed, and then tasted it and guessed,
but usually by the time she tasted it,
she had already got a good enough look at it through the slits in her fingers.
We recorded it all on our little sheet here.
When we finished, she got to choose her fav. and eat it!
Raspberry, yum!
So call me crazy, but I actually think that you could do this on a larger scale with a whole classroom full of kids!
It would be a fun culminating activity for the five senses.

It might even be easier because you wouldn't have to buy the tiny portions, you could just use the bigger boxes of ice cream and scoop a little of each kind into a bowl. 
Use helper moms and dads, or even sixth grade buddies. 
Maybe in 15 years when I go back to teaching... :)

Here are some other posts My Oatmeal Kisses posts that I have done that would also go well with learning about the sense of taste.

I guess we like Rainbows!!
Happy Tasting!

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