Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sense of Hearing

Did you ever think we were going to do the Sense of Hearing?

I wondered myself...
But today I bit the bullet and did our Sense of Hearing activity.
(I think my problem was that I am very very visual,
and for all of the other senses we did things that were strongly represented visually, aka the cute scented play dough.)

We decided to make sound shakers,
we went around the house gathering things that could make noise,
that was fun in and of itself!
Here are some of the materials we found:

We used cleaned out yogurt cups and added our ingredients.
M. is adding the sand, and not making a mess...
It's a happy mess though.

Then we covered them with duct tape,
and shook them.
M. tried to guess what what inside.

When she guessed I would label it.

She sure took this seriously,
and got stumped on a few.

What could it be??

Then the big reveal!
She got most of them right.

Fun, easy simple activity, and great for learning.
Just what I like.
Easy and smart.

I found a new website!
It has a little animated video about the 5 senses,
and then it has some review games you can play as well. I added this to my Educational Website list and did a full review of this great resource there.

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