Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Senses Quiet Time Boxes

While we were learning about our Five Senses,
I made M.'s Quiet Time Boxes go along with that same theme.

It was fun for her, to have new boxes and to have them be about what the theme she was learning.
These boxes are A LOT more gender neutral, so I hope they give you some new ideas for your own quiet time boxes.

Sense of Taste Quiet Time Box looked like this:
It had anything to do with food in it, such as the Melissa and Doug cutting food, fruit stickers, Skittles, and a bunch of books about tasting.  Like Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti, I know an old Lady who Swallowed a fly, and Eating the Alphabet.
I did links on all of these so you can see what I am talking about,
then you can go to the library and check out the same books.

Our Sense of Smell Box looked like this:

It had our Scented Play Dough, cookie cutters shaped like food, scented marker and paper to draw,
and a bunch of scratch and sniff books. 
Such as, Little Bunny Follows His Nose, The Spooky Smells of Halloween, and I Smell Christmas. I got really lucky because my library had a few scratch and sniff books.
(All I did was I went on to Amazon and typed in "Scratch and Sniff Books" and tons of titles popped up, then one by one I searched for them at my library.)

Our Sense of Sight Box looked like this:
It contained all the sunglasses in our house :), view finer, her blue and red binoculars we made, Peek-a-Boo books about looking through a little hole and guessing what the picture may be.  I also included some coloring pictures of herself that I made by photo shopping some of our family pictures. (These were her favorite)

Our Sense of Hearing Box looked like this:
It contained: An old fashioned phone (does that make you feel old?) a book on tape, with a tape player, her tag reader, and some tag reader books.  As you can see I broke one of my Quiet Time Box rules, No toys that make sound.  But while learning about the Sense of Hearing, I figured I had to bend a few rules.

Our Sense of Touch Box looked like this:
Sorry, she's taking a nap with it right now!  I'll hurry and get a picture up!
It contains: Lots and Lots of touch and feel books, gloves, fake finger nails, and pretend nail polish.  Once again I got lucky at the library with all of those touch and feel books! Love the library!! 

As you can see I broke a few rules, normally I try not to use consumables like stickers and paper because it's hard to keep up on. I made some exceptions here because she will only use them for a couple of weeks.  Then we'll switch back to princesses and pinkness.

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  1. These are really cute. I think I need to make some quiet time boxes!

  2. Those are great ideas to have focus on senses. Thanks for the inspiration.


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